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Lift and rotate positioner

Lift and Rotate Positioners

Our compact weld positioners help keep your cell foot print small and your workers productive.

Fixture Positioners

Lift and rotate positioner

Our line of lift and rotate positioners help get your workpieces where you need them to be.  We developed these positioners to be compact to reduce the amount of area needed in a work cell, and used a modular design concept to both ensure design maturity and cost-effectiveness.  

The positioners are split into rotators and lift and rotators, and are rated for both 5,000 pound and 10,000 pound capacities. 

There are multiple mounting options developed for these positioners, from pedestals and cantilever, to freestanding, fork-liftable platforms.  When used in a cantilever fashion, we can support loads up to 60" out from the head.

Lift and rotate positioner specifications

We also develop fixturing for work holding, for tacking, finish welding, or assembly operations.  By running our models through FEA, we can see expected stress points and adjust designs to be more efficient.

Let us know what you need on your next project and we can develop a solution that fits right for you.

R5000 Datasheet
Finish Fixture FEA
LR10000 Datasheet
Rotator Brochure
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