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3D Printing

Using state-of-the-art 3D printers, we can turn your newest design into reality.

Backdraft simplifies your 3D printing needs with a seamless process and timely turnaround

Send Your File

Get an instant price quote on our Autoquoter.  

Design Check

One of our engineers will get with you to review the design intent and build materials.


We keep extra processing ability available to get your parts into production as soon as possible.

Ship Direct

We package your parts and copy you on the tracking information so you know when your parts will be there.

Ship Times Nationwide

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Metal additive

Backdraft is your local source for 3D printed parts and prototypes.  We have stock in multiple different materials and have the equipment to turn around your parts in as little as one to two days and you facility in three days from your order at the latest.

With some of the larger vendors being located further away from the Midwest, you can still get parts printed same to next day, but then you need to ship it next day, adding more cost to your project.  We can ship ground and still get it to you next day for most of the Midwest.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) really opens up a side of designing and manufacturing that hasn't been seen before.  Typically reserved for cosmetic functions, as in making sure the shape fits the purpose, additive manufacturing can be ultilized for production purposes, such as jigs and fixture, or even final run production parts.  By properly designing around the material properties, although not 100% comparable to ABS or other materials, we can get the functionality out of the parts we need to stand up to the conditions it will experience in its life.

Metal Additive Manufacturing is coming as age as well, and with our suppliers we can use that capability for more intricate shapes that are either too complex to machine, or aren't as cost effective as using the 3D print as a type of casting, to machine the features out that are necessary to hold tolerancing, and leaving the rest to the print.

Metal additive
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