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We provide customized fabrication for the most specialized projects.



Machining - milling, turning, heat treating, anodizing, inspection and measurement for the Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa regional area. 

We certify our weld processes to American Welding Society standards, which ensures the highest quality welds for your projects.

Welding, custom assembly, and ProtoTyping

In our shop, we can take anything from a napkin sketch, to a full engineered drawing and complete it to your specifications.  With engineering, fabrication, and machining under one roof, our turnaround time is second to none, and by leveraging those core competencies together, we quickly develop and build solutions to fit your needs.

Our plasma table can cut from 14ga to 1" thick steel, with the ability to post process the flame cut edges on the machining center.  Our mill has a 50"Lx20"Wx20"H bed capacity, with the tooling to cut anything from 6061 aluminum to 4140 Alloy Steel, and even some tool steels.  Our 2 axis CNC Lathe has a 2" throat, 8" chuck with 19" of tool travel.  We have a 230 ton press brake with a 10' bed, and bandsaw capabilites with a throat size capable of cutting up to a 10 1/2" Round or Square and 8"x13 1/2" Rectangular.

We specialize in a combination of sheetmetal fabrication/ tube steel construction, that balances the efficiencies of tube steel strength and simplicity, with the cost effectiveness of more intricate shapes and support structures offered by CNC sheetmetal construction.  With this we can bring costs down on material handling racks or fixturing, by reducing the amount of machining or more costly features as compared to sheetmetal fabricated parts.

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