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Machining Center


When precision is what you need.


Custom machine fixture

From .010" holes in 3D printed aluminum to 4" tool steel bushings, Backdraft's machining capabilities have you covered.  We do individual piece part runs all the way up to full assemblies, tested and run-off before shipment to you.

Our background in quality systems and statistical process control gives us the edge in bringing high volume quality control to individual part runs.  We use this data to not only control dimensional tolerance and determine process capability, but to help us with our Total Predictive Maintenance cycles and let us know when and where we are starting to have issues on our equipment.

We also partner with regional partners in the machining world to leverage their core competencies in order to bring you the best product available.

On a recent project, we were given the task of designing and prototyping a catheter assembly fixture.  Throughout the design process, we were thinking down the road to eventually machining and building them.  We ran through tolerance studies and capability information for our internal processes to determine what tolerances we could hold and what features fit our equipment.  

We knew that this was going to be an iterative design cycle, so we produced a prototype on a quick turnaround schedule to get into the customers hands and get some feedback.  Based on that feedback we modified the design and started production on the production proof.  Within 10 weeks of starting the project we had gone through two iteration cycles, which with typical production cycles just through machine shops would have taken 8-10 weeks, not counting the design time and run off time with the customer.

With doing the design and machining in house, we can more effectively communicate and schedule around production to reduce design cycle time, and get production quality items in your hands in just weeks from inception of the idea.

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