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Minnesota Made
We take pride in what we do and strive to be your most trusted partner.

mission Statement

Our mission is to provide modern manufacturing solutions, design and build capabilities,  and technical knowledge to support and help grow regional manufacturing.

Vision Statement

Through professional communications and planning Backdraft Manufacturing will quote projects with honest lead times and deliver on those promises.

Through collaboration and breaking down the needs of our customers we are able to provide an effective solution for any process.

1. Experience

With our team we bring 50+ years of engineering experience working with small shops to Global manufacturing leaders.  We've been at the forefront of lean methodology, assembly lines, weld lines, material handling, and much more.  We are able to bring modern design and manufacturing techniques to any size project and budget to bring your processes to the next level.  

4. Cooperation

Any good design process requires listening to you, the customer, and making sure what we put on paper is going to work well after it has left our hands.  We will make sure to hold as many collaboration sessions as necessary and keep you involved 100% of the way.

2. Network

With the amount of vendors that we work with or have worked with over the years, there isn't much we haven't seen or heard of.  Our network of machine tool, assembly tooling, automation and robotics, and materials and hardware give us the edge in developing a solution that is right for you.

5. Made in MN

Backdraft MFG's mission is to bring modern manufacturing to the greater MN/SD/IA area.  We've completed projects for manufacturers, as well as local law enforcement, ag producers, construction companies, commercial businesses and consumers, bringing them products that were not easily available to them before now.

3. Value

With our experience in designing and manufacturing, we can help design your process or solution in the most cost effective way possible, whether it be reducing machining/fabrication time through a different design method, or improving efficiency in a process through elimination of waste.


“When I need a project completed yesterday, I know I can always count on Backdraft.  Backdraft brings together design and fabrication with a NASCAR-like delivery.”

Robbie Veurink

Downrange Construction

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