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modARC pamphlet
modARC specs

With over 30 years experience testing, setting up, using, and moving robot weld cells, we knew something had to change.

We listened to our customers and we used our knowledge of lean manufacturing, experience in real world production weld shops, and input from other professionals to design and develop a modular weld cell that uses common components to keep costs down while providing a system with options paralleled by none.

Our ModARC system can start small and grow into multiple configurations. As your business and products adapt - so can your
robot weld cell.

The ModARC system is rigid enough to provide excellent repeatability and is designed to be used and abused in a production environment but also designed to be moved and set back up with minimal downtime.

Multiple additional configurations are available from single station compact cells to 6 station systems so you spend time welding - not setting up and swapping out fixtures.

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