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Certified Lift Fixtures

Lift Fixtures

We ensure that your lift fixture meets all requirements required and test to ensure compliance.

Lift Fixture Design and Certification

FEA results for certified lift fixture or device

Recent changes to the ASME B30.20 Below-The-Hook Devices standard require that proper engineering documentation be provided in order to load test fixtures.

In the past many outfits would take a fixture that was designed or fabricated, load test it, and stamp a tag certifying it for use.  With the B30.20:2018 standard, design class and service classes were added to the tagging requirements, and most of the outfits that would typically load test and tag will not take the liability of a fixture that they don't design.

As a one stop shop for manufacturing facilities, we saw this as an opportunity to add value for our clients, and bring in the load testing to compliment the design and fabrication capabilities in our shop.  We will take your design and run it through our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, make any adjustments necessary, then work with our Professional Engineer (PE) for approval.  We will then fabricate the device, using our AWS compliant weld processes, load test, and document everything for record keeping in line with the B30.20 standard.

As with any project, we can do as much or as little as you need on a project.  If you have an existing design that has been in use that needs to be re-certified, we can run it through our design verification process, load test, and document, or if you need it designed and built, we can run it through the entire process.

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