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Fixture design


We commit to helping you design any process, part, or project on time and on budget.

Design and Engineering

CAD model of a rack

With crunched timelines or fluctuations in demand for project type work, companies can find themselves in need of some extra engineering resources.  Backdraft can help fill that gap with a right sized approach for each project.

We can help you from start to finish, or with individual portions of the project.  From design to process engineering to implementation support, we can do it all and help you meet your project timelines.

We use the most up to date 3D modeling software to design your project, getting you professional models and drawings for going forward with manufacturing.  With being a turn-key design/manufacturing shop, we use our knowledge of design for manufacturing to reduce costly features of designs to save you money in the long run.

Our modeling software also integrates with our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to ensure that designs meeting structural specifications, and with that design in efficiencies to drive cost down as well.  If you need fixtures or racks certified, we work with our Professional Engineer (PE) to get you the peace of mind to know that things are done right.

Design Example and Context:

One of our customers received a contract for a large project where they needed to develop and ramp up a process to build catheters.  Their resources were already stretched thin, so they had to find another way to meet the timelines proposed by their customer.  

We were approached to help with their fixture design and project managing those fixtures.  We embedded with them for this project, learning as they did on how to assemble the product, while creating fixtures to control features and the assembly process.  Operator input and needs were factored into the designs, as well as management objectives for controlling processes.  Fixtures were created to control cut lengths, locate parts and hold during gluing processes, manually machine features into parts, and holding fixtures to assist during assembly. 


After designing, we would quote out to multiple vendors, taking into account lead time and cost, as the project timeline was a critical factor in the ramp up plans.  We would then manage the ordering, anodizing, assembly, and delivery of those fixtures.  Included with this was implementation support; gathering feedback from operators and modifying designs and fixtures to better support those processes.

This in turn created a cycle of improvement, with Backdraft functioning as a member of the company's team.  Our goal was to help the customer with their goals, thereby making them our goals as well.  We found areas of improvement, proposed solutions, and in helped implementing them, seamlessly integrating with their operations and management staff.  By us doing this work, we were able to free their team members to work on projects the truly supported their core competencies.

We can do as much or as little as you need, as evidenced by this study.  From a replacement oil cap for a diesel generator, to a material handling rack for an assembly line, to assembly fixtures for medical catheters, if you need it, we can design and build it.

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